Citroen redesign

3D scanning the Citroen using a Artec MHT hand held scanner

I used a borrowed hand held scanner to digitise the chassis, engine, torque tube, transaxle and front and rear suspension assemblies. Scanning the chassis and components allowed the new engine, drive-line and suspension modifications to be virtually modeled, modified and assembled into the car before any cutting was done.

3D CAD surface modelling of the Citroen components

Importing the point clouds into Pro Engineer wildfire & (Creo) allowed me to create accurate surface models of the Citroen chassis, GM engine, torque tube, transaxle, and the Corvette (GM) front and rear suspension subframe assemblies from the scans.

3D Assembly model of the Citroen components

The original Citroen wheel base and track geometry was used to create an adjustable skeleton model which all of the components were assembled onto. This allowed suspension geometry, travel and wheel steering clearance to be optimised to the existing Citroen chassis & bodywork . The engine and driveline component models were virtually assembled into the chassis and packaged into the Citroen bodywork space envelope.