Garden & home

Reconfigure the existing ground floor layout and extend into the garden. To create an accessible single level open plan living space with two contrasting atmospheres:

  1. Bright space creating a strong visual and physical connection to the (Garden)
  2. Shaded, warm and comfortable space for relaxing and sleeping (Home)

Staircase & first floor layout

New staircase and landing (with a view of the garden) to access Guest bedrooms and a shared bathroom.

Entrance & facade

Redesign the entrance to allow access and daylight into the home and a visual connection with the garden. Change existing exterior tile cladding to create a more contemporary street facade.

Environmental strategy:

  • Control of sunlight and daylight levels within the dwelling (Dialux 3D simulation)
  • Insulated Raft foundations
  • Underfloor water radiant heating of concrete floor mass
  • Use sustainable construction methods & materials:
  • Timber frame
  • Fully Externally insulated structure
  • Investigate potential renewable energy options.