I get a real sense of satisfaction from making, remaking, creating and assembling physical things. Making things (prototypes) helps me to understand fully and obtain a better grasp of abstract scientific concepts and of how the physical world works. I enjoy the process of learning new skills and experimenting with different approaches to solving problems.


2016 – 2021 Banstead

The project involved re configuring the existing ground floor layout and extending into the garden to create an accessible single level open plan living space. Relocate new staircase & first floor layout consisting of (Guest) bedrooms and a shared bathroom. Redesign the entrance to allow step free access to the dwelling. Change existing exterior tile cladding to create a more contemporary street facade.

2013 – Citroen

Complete nut and bolt strip down. Redesign the rolling chassis to incorporate independent air ride suspension. A v8 engine driving the rear wheels through a 4 speed automatic transaxle. rebuild and upgrade existing Citroen bodywork panels and components.

2013 – 2016 Hotbox

1:20 scale model & full scale construction of insulated inhabitable space (16m2) in a cold enclosed area of 93m2.

2013 – 2016 TVR  

Complete nut and bolt strip down and rebuild with additional design changes to the electrical wiring and suspension component upgrades.

2010 – 2013 Hinckley

My brief was to create a workshop space and modernise my home. This involved researching, site survey, concept design, cost estimation, liaison with structural engineer and planning officer, detailed design, project management, liaison with building control officer and learning the construction skills need to build the project.

2001 – 2005 Speed bike

The project started as a challenge from a friend to get a mechanism to work as a bicycle. Evolving into university design project, allowed me to apply the principles of abstract fluid dynamics and mechanisms to making a series of prototypes. Making improvements through experimenting and physically testing ideas.

1999 – 2016 3 wheeler

The prototype was a practical application of our personal interests the engineering principles my brother and I learnt during our university educations.

Skills and Abilities:

Metal working
  • Sheet metal fabrication
  • MIG welding & spot welding
  • manual & CNC Lathe and milling
  • CNC Laser cutting
  • casting and investment casting
  • steel beams
  • Rapid prototyping – SLA, SLS and 3D printing
  • Glass fibre and plaster composite wet lay-up processes
  • model making
  • basic spray painting
Wood working
  • timber framing
  • first & second fix carpentry
Masonry (wet lay-up processes)
  • Brick & brick slip laying
  • Rendering (cement based)
  • Plasterboard (scrim and tape)
  • Painting & decorating
  • surveying & leveling using a rotating laser level
  • underground drainage installation
  • Operating digging and dumping machines
  • poured wet concrete (foundations and slabs)
Mechanical & Electrical systems
  • underfloor radiant heat plumbing
  • central heating plumbing
  • water heating plumbing
  • electrics